Ricki Derek is an entertainer, that’s what he does. He has been doing it in one form or another all his life. Being born too late doesn’t mean you have to settle for the status quo as performer. Ricki has always believed that audience came to see a show and forget about their problems for a while. So when it’s showtime, it’s just that showtime! Greatly influenced by Sinatra, Dino, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Tom Jones, Bobby Darin, & Sammy Davis Jr, to name a few, Ricki has made it his mission in life to channel the greats of past and present with his own style. Whether he is performing with his 24 piece orchestra, his 15 piece Big Band, or leaning against a piano, he always surrounds himself with the best musicians. And if he looks like he’s having a great time it’s because he is. Seeing a Ricki show is like a time machine to the Vegas strip in the early 60’s without losing all that money.

“Ricki has honed his act to a fine edge.” – The Dallas Morning News

“Ricki swings like a mutha” – Blll Zehme Esquire Magazine & Author of The Way You Wear Your Hat